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Happy New Year!

from the .studio3 team

Starting this year, we would like to share with you some of our work processes, behind-the-scenes images, and renders we work on, be it for our clients or just test projects we do to improve ourselves.

This first image is a test on fog settings for Corona. We tried to create a believable holiday scenario for some of us here in 2021 - Covid hit and we were either forced to spend Christmas alone or with just a part of our families, video-chatting with the rest of them. 



Some helpful technical stuff - the fog was made with 2 layers - a base layer of CoronaVolumeMtl set to a slightly blueish grey and a box with noise and a volumeMtl set to gray, to accentuate the fog beneath.

Here's a screenshot of it - hope it helps! Happy New Year!

Making Of New Year Fog
logo so2.jpg

Back to basics

from Daniel Rolo

Hello everyone. New images will roll out soon as some of the projects we work on become public (we can't show off any renders from projects still being presented or developed) but we wanted to drop by with just a basic tip on how to better select objects inside your scene -  a feature that was unknown to some of us until very recently - the click selection. 

If you are trying to select an object that is behind another object, just point at it with your mouse and click multiple times until it is selected. AS long as you don't move your cursor, the selection will cycle between objects that are underneath the cursor.






In this example - 1 click selects the window glass, the next selects the table behind it, and a third click, selects the window behind the table. Since there are no more objects behind it, the selection resets back to the first with one more click.

We hope it helps! 

logo so2.jpg
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