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Happy New Year!

from the .studio3 team

Starting this year, we would like to share with you some of our work processes, behind-the-scenes images, and renders we work on, be it for our clients or just test projects we do to improve ourselves.

This first image is a test on fog settings for Corona. We tried to create a believable holiday scenario for some of us here in 2021 - Covid hit and we were either forced to spend Christmas alone or with just a part of our families, video-chatting with the rest of them. 



Some helpful technical stuff - the fog was made with 2 layers - a base layer of CoronaVolumeMtl set to a slightly blueish grey and a box with noise and a volumeMtl set to gray, to accentuate the fog beneath.

Here's a screenshot of it - hope it helps! Happy New Year!

Making Of New Year Fog
logo so2.jpg